Lawn and Garden Care

For those with pets and kids, the lawn is the largest surface for landscaping. Over time the soil beneath the lawn grass compacts together. Weekly chores such as lawn mowing too can result in soil erosion. Compacted soil brings about water drainage, nutrient absorption, and air circulation complications. Soil organisms that enrich the soil such as earthworms find it hard to thrive in compacted soils. To achieve green grass and healthy flowers, regularly aerate the lawn. The following lawn and garden care tips are crucial.

Water your lawn

home gardeningSimply turning on your sprinkler for a few minutes is insufficient when tending to your lawn. To get healthy grass, water the area deeply but occasionally. This forces the plant to develop roots deep into the soil. Only then can the grass survive occasions of dry spells and times of hot weather. Experts recommend plants to receive an inch of water daily. This amount varies depending on the present weather conditions, grass species and soil types.

You can test the level of soil moisture using an electronic soil tester, screwdriver or towel. To retain more water, you can use absorbing polymers. The water absorbing gel products comprise of Greensense solid water which reduces the time spent watering the grass by half. The best time for watering grass remains in the mornings.

Use of lawn fertilizers

The natural lawn fertilizers are the best recommended and are way better than the synthetic versions. The study shows that the organic and lawn fertilizers produce greener lawns when compared to the synthetics. Natural fertilizer remains a healthier option for your family and the environment in general. There are several varieties of lawn fertilizers to select from.

Practice grass-cycling

lawn mower at workGrass-cycling involves allowing the lawn to re-use the clippings created when mowing. The good thing about grass-cycling is their ease. You leave your clippings right on the lawn instead of discarding them away. Reel mowers are quiet, easy to use and effective when used on the lawn. Those who cannot stand the sight of grass clippings behind their yard instead opt for compost bins.

Cut your grass to the right height

Knowing the right height for grass remains the best way to achieve strong and healthy grass. Set your lawnmower to a low and high setting. Different types of grass thrive best in different heights. Ensure the blades on your mower are sharp and maintained to ease the grass cutting process. This ensures you realize healthier grass-like scissors rather than the traditional rotary mowers.