The Role of Government in Promoting E-commerce

E-commerce is playing a key role in the growth and development of nations. Recent studies show that e-commerce is claiming more than 20% of trade down worldwide. Individuals, groups and companies have made a niche in this new way of trading. For those who are not yet taking advantage of this trade that knows no boundaries, you are missing a lot.

However, there is a challenge when it comes to policies as much as governments across the globe are doing their best to support e-commerce. Do we need a reminder on the role of government in promoting e-commerce? Yes, and we have covered some below.

Protection of intellectual property

E-commerceWith e-commerce comes a great opportunity for individuals to innovate and invest in the hope of reaping big from their efforts. However, this is not usually the case on the ground. This has seen many individual sit on their innovation talent until there are policies in place to protect them. The government has a crucial role to see that intellectual property is protected. Innovators need the assurance that their efforts will not go to waste.

Legal recognition of e-commerce activities

It is unfortunate to say that e-trade is still treated as illegal in some countries. The reasons given for such cases are baseless and nonsensical. It is time governments moved forward with the digital age. Apparently, the time has changed and with it, some new things have been created. E-commerce is one such thing and needs to be recognized as legal across the board.

Protecting consumers from fraud

If there is one vice that has stagnated e-commerce, fraud leads from the front. Millions of people have lost their money for no good reason. They believed in whatever was being sold to them only for it to out to be a swindle.

With consumer protection from such frauds, this niche can grow tenfold and become one of the leading sources of revenue to the government. However, there need to be strict policies protecting individuals from fraudulent deals.

Guaranteeing right to privacy

Unless it is necessary that individual privacy is breached, the government should reinforce the right to freedom of privacy in the e-commerce front. No one should be snooping behind the backs of individuals and see what they are doing in e-trade platforms.

Many times, governments have been found to stalk individuals online and take account of their activities. This needs to end if the world is to make any significant gain from e-trade.

There is no denying the impact of e-commerce in the world. It has been a source of livelihood for many families. It is time governments did their part to ensure e-trade is in its rightful place.