Interesting Facts about Surfing

Interesting Facts about Surfing

Surfing has gained a lot of popularity recently because it depicts a sport that is seemingly fun, free and surrounds a chill and rebellious culture. It is also referenced as a vacation sport, just like windsurfing, and people like the idea of a sport that feels like holidays. This also increases the niche market of sustainable environment-friendly swimwear and surf gear such as Shaka Surf. If you’re curious about surfing, here are a few interesting facts about this sport.

Surfing is a whole body sport.

Most people think that surfing only requires your arms to paddle and feet to pop up on the board, plus balance. Yes, you do need all of that, but surfing also demands more from your body. Before getting the waves that you want, you need to fight the waves while carrying your board. This requires your whole body strength to walk past the waves in the water or dive under it with your board. You’ll then need your arm muscles to paddle faster, and you’ll need your upper body strength to stand up on the board and your lower body strength to stay balanced. This is why professional surfers usually do a lot of cardio to get in shape for surfing.

The surfing industry is very successful.

Popular surfing attire and equipment brands such as Billabong, Rip Curl, and Roxy gains a lot from this sport. It is reported that surfing is a 20 billion euros a year industry, and that there are over 25 million surfers around the world in total. That’s why surfing brands, being the niche market that they are, sell their products at quite an expensive rate. They ensure that the swimwear they sell and beach outfits

Cameron Diaz is a pro surfer

You might not know this, but Cameron Diaz is probably the only Hollywood actress that can be considered a professional surfer. She broke her nose four times during surfing because she loves challenging waves in coastal seas. Recently, Patrick Swayze has also been considered an extreme surfer, as he broke four ribs while filming Point Break. Of course, there are other celebrities who surf, but not many got to the point where they’d go traveling for difficult waves and made an effort to go from the biggest beginner board to the small fiberglass board. Anna Sophia Robb, who starred in the famous surfing movie ‘Soul Surfer’ only mastered the pedaling and popping up on the board part, and all the waves she rode in the movie was played by an extra.